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Audio Eyes is a partnership of audio engineers, producers, accessibility experts, blind professionals, and audio description professionals who are passionate about providing high quality services in a creative and inclusive work environment. 

The Audio Eyes production team has more than a decade of experience providing live audio description in theaters, as well as recorded audio description for broadcast television networks and nationally distributed DVDs. Audio Eyes engineers and producers have delivered video description for broadcast television networks including: ABC and FOX Television. They've also consulted with and provided the same services for government agencies and private entities, including: The California Secretary of State, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Internal Revenue Service, and the National Parks Service.

Additionally, they have extensive experience producing audio dramas, audio books, music, radio programs, radio ads, and business-to-business audio products. The Audio Eyes progressive work environment, inclusive hiring practices and technical expertise keep the company at the leading edge of the accessible media and localization industry.

About Rick Boggs

Audio Eyes was founded by Rick Boggs. As a blind audio production specialist, Rick provides a unique insight into the practice of audio description. It was his personal mission to create an organization that included other talented, blind audio professionals. With Audio Eyes, he fulfilled that mission.

This unique perspective ensures that each project is more than quality work for a client. It is an opportunity to both showcase the talent of the professionals he hires while delivering high-quality excellence with their customer's projects.

Prior to forming Audio Eyes, Rick was the recipient of the California Governor’s Trophy at the National Business Leadership Conference for his inclusive employment practices. This commitment to employ blind and disabled voice-over artists and recording engineers continues with Audio Eyes.

Rick is also the recipient of the Barry Levine Memorial Award for Career Achievement. In this video, Rick discusses the award and the inclusion of blind professionals in the field of video description. He explains the unique Quality Control Process used exclusively at Audio Eyes and the growth of video description in today’s media.


  • First to describe the Blue Man Group
  • First company to use audio effects to illustrate abstract images
  • First company to use crowd source funding for video description
  • First company to employ more than two description voices in a film
  • First company to include blind professionals in the production process
  • First company to provide video description for broadcast TV commercials
  • First to conduct a live, web streamed event demonstrating the description process