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Broadcast Networks

Producers, Post-Production Supervisors and Staff, or Studio Executives seeking to make
television programs or online media accessible to consumers with disabilities.

Why Describe Your Media?
Why Use Audio Eyes?

Are you looking to increase audience share? Are you aware that federal requirements for televised Description is increasing? If your network is currently required to provide Description, the volume of hours will increase soon. Even if your network is currently exempt, the FCC is considering increasing the number of required networks.

Our post-production team includes the most experienced professional audio describers, talented Pro Tools audio engineers, and nationally renowned Description Quality Specialists who are expert (blind)
consumers of description. Audio Eyes has provided Description for:

  • ABC Television
  • FOX Television
  • USA Network
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    "That 70's Show"

    A sample of video description from the classic series "That 70's Show." A comedy revolving around a group of teenage friends, their mishaps, and their coming of age, set in 1970s Wisconsin. Description courtesy of Audio Eyes.


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