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Are you aware that for a small cost, you could dramatically increase the potential audience for your video content? Whether you produce music videos, commercials, online web series or other kinds of video entertainment, Description and Captioning will make your content accessible to tens of millions
of people with sensory disabilities!


"Blue Man Group"

A sample of video description from the critically acclaimed theatrical show "Blue Man Group".
With no spoken language, Blue Man Group is perfect for people of all ages, languages, and cultures. This unique theatrical experience is like nothing else. Video Description courtesy of Audio Eyes.

"NFB Daytona"

Mark Anthony Riccobono, a blind executive who from the National Federation of the Blind, behind the wheel of a Ford Escape hybrid equipped with nonvisual technology and successfully navigated 1.5 miles of the road course section of the famed track at the Daytona International Speedway. Video Description courtsey of Audio Eyes.

"Vanda Pharmaceuticals" Commercial

This sample of description comes from a commercial for Vanda Pharmaceuticals. One woman doesn't let her blindness get in the way doing what she loves. However, she discovered she has Non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder. Her body doesn't know the difference between day and night. Video Description courtesy of Audio Eyes.

"Fort Pickens"

This photographic tour comes from a kiosk located at Fort Pickens, a pentagonal historic United States military fort on Santa Rosa Island in the Pensacola, Florida, area. It is now part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park. Video Description courtesy of Audio Eyes.


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