Consistent Quality is Not Left To Chance
We've created a multi-step approach to quality assurance to ensure we meet and exceed, not only our client's expectations, but our own.

Check out the process diagram below.

Audio Eyes works to exceed customer expectations by employing our quality service workflow with best-of-industry training and internal quality controls. Depending upon your project and the services selected, we utilize the following methodology.

1. First draft AD Script

A trained, experienced Audio Describer writes an audio description script that complies with national standards for AD.

2. Script QC part 1

A Script Quality Specialist reviews the media and the first draft script and makes any needed revisions for accuracy, timing, or typographical errors.

3. Script QC part 2

A Description Quality Specialist (a professional with vision loss) reviews the media and QC’d script to ensure intelligibility and effectiveness for blind viewers.

4. Description voice over recording

An experienced professional audio engineer imports the media into a Pro Tools audio work station and records the description voice over.

A professional, experienced voice over artist performs the AD script.

5. VO track editing

A professional Pro Tools audio engineer edits the VO track to broadcast standards, removing breaths and noise and ensures proper placement of the descriptions.

6. Audio Mix

A professional Pro Tools audio engineer hand mixes the relative volumes between the original audio sound track and the description voice over.

7. Post technical processes

A deliverable file is created and processed by a professional audio engineer to meet delivery specifications. Examples: MOV wrap, Pro Tools session conform, WAV file creation, audio synch to picture.