Announcement: Audio Eyes to Provide Live Audio Description of the Oscars 2022

For the second consecutive year, ABC Television and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science will offer live audio description of the 2022 Academy Awards - "The Oscars" - for blind consumers!

Once again Audio Eyes will provide Live Description with two Live Describers, one for the red carpet pre-show and one for the Oscars event itself.

The historic first live description of the Oscars in 2021 motivated thousands of blind consumers to express their joy and satisfaction about being included via social media posts. Once again, in 2022, blind consumers can impact the description as it goes out by posting on their feedback on social media which will be monitored by Audio Eyes.

Feedback will be provided to live describers during commercial breaks in the program!  ABC Television received a national award from the American Council of the Blind for the exemplary accessibility provided for that historic event.  The National Federation of the Blind provided vital preliminary communication via their Nation's Blind Podcast and a Clubhouse meeting that were vital to notifying blind consumers about the accessibility and ability to influence the audio description via social media feedback.

When posting on social media be sure to use the hash tag #OscarsAD

Attachment: VITAC Providing Live Captions, Audio Description for 94th Academy Awards

Image showing the Oscars statue and ABC TV on statue base. To the right is Audio Eyes logo with the words, "Audio Description provided by" above the audio eyes logo
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