What is Audio Description?

Audio Description is the process of utilizing a voice to describe visual aspects of literally anything (e.g. stage play, cruise ship, museum exhibit, parade, etc), in order to provide essential information or valuable details to someone who cannot see.  Audio Description applied to media is known as “Video Description,” and is mandated by federal law in the United States for most media distribution methods.  The goal of video description is to provide access to media for people who cannot see a screen (e.g. blind or low vision).

Major motion pictures, independent films, corporate training videos, government agency informational videos, and other visual media often add audio description as a benefit to those who otherwise would be unable to enjoy or easily consume (watch) the media. This has the benefit of expanding the available audience as well as meeting legal compliance requirements where applicable.

Accessibility Needs & Markets

It should be noted that the above definition of audio description, while accurate, is a general one. The accessibility needs of the various industries and markets we serve require nuanced differences in the creation of audio description and other localization services.

We’ve provided consultation and services for all types of projects, large and small. Differences in the markets we serve and certainly based on the project itself, require us to gather different media from our client and ultimately deliver a product to meet the needs of their industry.

In future blog entries, we will cover some of those differences.

The markets we serve include:

  • Major Studios
  • Broadcast Networks
  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Independent Films
  • Corporate/Industrial Entities
  • Miscellaneous Projects

See our service offerings here.

Whether a major motion picture, a commercial, a corporate training video, or any number of other projects, we collaborate with our client’s to achieve the optimal outcome based on their desires, their industry, and our past extensive experience.

We consult and educate clients on how best to reach and to serve their blind or low-vision audience.  For us, each project is a partnership and we believe this attitude and approach helps us attain excellence in the final product.

Our History and Passion for Accessible Media

For Audio Eyes, audio description is more than a service that we provide. Rick Boggs, the founder of Audio Eyes, is a well-known and respected expert in the field. Additionally, Rick is blind himself and has committed to building a company that hires and trains blind professionals at all levels of the company.

From script writers, voice over artists, quality assurance specialists, audio engineers, and company management, Audio Eyes actively hires blind or sight-impaired individuals. This gives the company unique insight into the services they provide, the actual needs of their clients, and, most importantly, a very real connection to the end-user - the blind consumer - who benefits from those services.

When Audio Eyes staff talk about audio description services, they speak with knowledge and experience, because they are quite literally, consumers themselves.

Education and Your Questions Answered

If you have specific questions about accessible media, audio or video description services, caption services (adding on screen text for deaf consumers), or even how blind professionals work with audio engineering software like ProTools - do not hesitate to leave a comment here or message us using our contact form

Upcoming blogs will provide detailed information about how we work with customers and the tools we use. Your questions help us do that.

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