Audio Eyes to provide audio description for 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Historic Announcement

February 27, 2022
Sunday night, 8 PM EST, 5 pm PST  on TNT & TBS networks

For the first time in history, a professional blind voice over artist will deliver live audio description on broadcast television.

The event:

28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

For the first time, the SAG Awards will offer audio description, a service that provides short, intermittent descriptions of visual elements of the program, for blind and visually impaired consumers.

Live audio description is common for stage performances in the United States, but it is rare in broadcast television.

This live audio description, produced by. Audio eyes, is going to be both unique and historically significant.

The show will be described live by two SAG members. As usual, a sighted Audio Describer will deliver extemporaneous descriptions of the live action during the show.  For the first time in history, a blind Description Voice Over Artist will deliver scripted descriptions of pre-recorded videos of nominees!

Show support:
Audio eyes and VITAC who also produce live audio description for thee Oscars, is once again inviting blind and low vision consumers to post comments and preferences during the program via social media, enabling direct consumer input into the nature of the descriptions being provided.

Phone: 818-671-6190


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