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Service Terms and Conditions for AD:

Standard service provides 1 or 2 WAV audio files.
Alternate Deliverables such as:
Synch picture to audio delivered as an MOV file.
(increase the cost)
Programs containing extensive subtitles (such as non-English media) incur a surcharge of $2 /ppm.
“Zero-dialog” media, a program with very little or no dialog, incur a surcharge of $2 /ppm.

To begin Audio Description services, certain receivable elements are required and/or recommended:

1. A low res’ (h264 quality) MOV or MP4 video file, FINAL version.
(other media formats may incur additional cost)

2. Shoot script or dialog list.
(our resource for names and places for AD creation)

3. Pronunciation guide for characters and on screen credits.
(if this is not provided, requests for VO revisions for pronunciation will incur an additional fee)

4. A WAV file containing the final audio mix of the program audio.
(this is used to create the mixed AD VO + program audio files for delivery)


Standard turnaround is as follows:
3-5 days for programs under 40 minutes in length.
5-7 days for programs 41-80 minutes in length.
7-12 days for feature length programs 71-120 minutes.

* Rush service is available at an additional cost.
* Same day service is available for some programs.
* Reformat service: 60% of original creation cost.

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Zero-dialog means it is comprised of pictures without any dialog


Sample Credit = "Described by Audio Eyes"
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